The Mystic Wood

My grandmother Josie taught me to crochet and sew by hand when I was very young, and some of the most cherished moments of my life were spent with her when I was growing up. She inspired me and introduced me not only to handcrafting but also to folklore and fairy tales, both of which grew into lifelong passions that are the fuel and backbone of my work.

The creation of each piece is very special to me. When I crochet, there is magic in each knot in the yarn, and in the weaving of the single strand into a solid fabric. There is magic in the movement of the hook, of the needle and thread, of the hand, and of the act of transforming one thing into another. Each item, whether crocheted, sewn, carved, or stamped is created with intention, love, and inspiration, and is crafted with a great passion for what I do.

It is my sincerest hope that you find your experience here in the Mystic Wood a magical one.

Melissa Sullivan, Proprietress & Handicrafter


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